The Steel Rolling Mill production line

The Steel Rolling Mill production line


  We can design, produce,manufacture, install and test various steel rolling.
  I. Specification of the steel rolling machine(new, second) dia 650mm, 500mm, 450mm, rough rolling mill group, dia 400mm rough rolling mill group and medium rolling mill group, dia 320mm medium rolling mill group, 300 medium rolling mill group, 280mm, 250 mm, 220 finishing rolling mill group. (Note: all the groups include motor, Reducer, Coupler, guide rail, roller etc. )
  II. Rolling steel products I-bar, angle bar, U-bar, round bar, deformed steel bar, rail steel, steel for agricultural-purpose etc.
  III. Types of service 1. Providing model, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning as to the requirements of the customers. 2. Providing the plane design, general layout of the equipment; process design and products design of steel rolling etc. various technical design. 3. Dispatching various technical staff to the site for the technical services till the finished products as to the requirements of the customers. 4. Providing long-term technical service to the customers as to their requirements, mainly adjustment of steel rolling mill, new products development, equipment maintenance and improvement. Welcome to our company.

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Brand Name: The Steel Rolling Mill production line

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